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Welcome to Gifford Equine

Jason Gifford has been working as a professional within the horse industry for more than fourteen years now.  A rider, trainer, showman, and equine appraiser.  After graduating high school, Jason went to work as a wrangler on a large guest ranch in Wyoming.   Working those long hours in the saddle was what Jason enjoyed the most.  After two years as a wrangler, Jason was given the opportunity to go work on a cow/calf working cattle ranch in northern Wyoming.  There was plenty of riding, starting colts, working cattle, sheep, and horses. That was all part of the day to day lifestyle for Jason.  However, training horses was really what Jason wanted to base his career on. So Jason went on to work as an assistant trainer for a few different professional horseman.  In January of 2007, Jason went to work at Valley Tree Ranch in California.  For three years, Jason was the ranch manager and head trainer.  Jason has been riding and training horses of the following disciplines; reining, cutting, team sorting, trail, and working ranch horses. So whether it be starting colts, working with Mustangs, building a solid foundation on a young or older horse, schooling reiners, starting horses on cattle or just trail riding. Jason confidently enjoys it all.  

    Jason accepts most breeds and all ages of horses for training.

Horsemanship is a journey, therefore as a horseman Jason always continues to learn and improve his skills.

                           Jason offers the following services:
                                    Horse Appraising 
                                    Colt Starting       
                                    Horse training      
                                    Horses for sale    

In the summer of 2012 Jason had the privilege of spending two months in Canada. There Jason helped start several colts and trained horses through out Alberta and Saskatchewan.

 There is no one set way to work with horses. Just like people, horses are all seperate individuals. However, one thing is for certain what you put into your horses body and the conditions which he or she lives in, directly effects the mind and body. That is why Jason feeds a grass/alfalfa mix hay twice daily and the Total Equine brand feed once daily to all of his horses, they look good and stay healthy.

                       Does your horse have a solid foundation? 
                       Find out on the training page.

Watch Jason live in a short video on a three year old after 90 days in the foundation training program.

Member Of

                          American Society Of Equine Appraisers
                          National Reining Horse Association
                          American Quarter Horse Association
                          United States Equestrian Team Foundation
                          National Cutting Horse Association
                          American Paint Horse Association
                          Ranch Sorting National Championships
                          United States Team Roping Championships






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